Purchase of the real estate under control

Aftersales service (legal support of the transaction, protection of interests of the new owner, help in acceptance of the apartment in a new building.

Often the builder offers the lawyer for support of the transaction. Also most likely will offer you the ready purchase and sale agreement, or the agreement on payment payment by installments. No, the bases not to trust the checked real estate development company, but from the legal point of view, in the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus the agreements constituted only in the Turkish and English languages are recognized. In this connection it will be better if your interests during transaction and signings of documents will be represented by the specialist hired by you.

Legal support of the transaction

If the apartment or a country house is purchased at a construction stage, it is worth paying attention to whether it is specified in the agreement what materials the builder what equipment of quality will be installed in the apartment uses (a bathroom, the built-in furniture, mixers, doors, windows, etc. often the builder tries not to specify these parameters in the contract of sale as in this case it is simpler to vary future costs for yet not built apartment house.
We offer you services of our lawyers at very affordable prices. We guarantee you complete legal protection, services in interpretation and translation of legal documents.

Professional help in acceptance of the apartment

One more important step is an acceptance of the apartment. On completion of a construction objectively everything looks good. But, alas, defects are always. Cases when the actual area of the apartment differs from specified in your contract of sale are frequent. And as the cost of square meter on the island is pretty high, the difference even in couple of squares shall be challenged from the builder. Our qualified specialists will help you to perform acceptance of an acquired real estate object.