The green comet is flying towards Cyprus.

Cypriots will be able to see comet C 2022 E3 ZF with the naked eye on February 5, it will be possible to see it in the area of the Polar Star, and it will approach the earth at a distance of 42 million kilometers.
The diameter of the cosmic body is about one kilometer, the color of the body is green, and the tail is yellow. Scientists believe that this comet appeared from the Oort cloud, which is the source of long-period comets.
The name of the "green" comet is not an arbitrary set of letters. Thus, the letter "C" means that it is long-period; 2022 E3 indicates that the celestial body was spotted in 2022 in early spring and became the third such object discovered during the same period; the abbreviation ZTF indicates that the discovery was made by the Zwicky Transient Facility telescopes.