Days of northern Cyprus in Istanbul

Minister of Tourism and the Environment Fikri Ataoglu spoke on the "Day of Northern Cyprus", in which 19 TRNC companies took part to provide information about the country and investment opportunities.
Ataoglu said that the country's population is about 400 thousand people, and in the universities of North Cyprus 100,000 students study.
Northern Cyprus, which has many historical treasures, is visited by millions of tourists every year, and the island, which has a typical Mediterranean climate, relies mainly on tourism. The sun shines for 10 months a year, and you can swim in the sea for eight months a year. The Minister stressed that tourism and sports events can be held in Northern Cyprus all year round.
Minister Ataoglu said that the banking system has improved and all transactions can be made in foreign currency in accordance with international banking rules. According to him, in addition to the Central Bank and the Development Bank in the TRNC, there are 7 international banks and 21 commercial banks.
Guzelyurt, Lefke, Iskele and Gechitkala were identified as priority regions for development. Investors are granted privileges in the TRNC, regardless of whether they are domestic or foreign residents.
These conditions make investments in the TRNC more attractive than investments in South Cyprus, Ataoglu said.