About us

Consulting group TUMEVLER is the official representative of the majority of developers in Northern Cyprus and the Anatolian coast of Turkey (Alanya, Antalya, Bodrum, Kemer, Dalaman and Izmir).

The list of services of our group includes: High-quality selection of any type of real estate (apartments, villas, cottages, land plots).We have an extensive experience in the implementation of investment programs in the territory of Northern Cyprus and Turkey.

Over the five-year practice, we have implemented 18 investment projects, including the construction of Apart-Hotel, the construction of a dormitory for the university for 250 apartments, the opening of a Boutique Hotel, opening of furniture production, etc.

Consulting group TUMEVLER assists its clients in solving financial and legal issues in the process of adaptation in the territory of Northern Cyprus and Turkey (obtaining a residence permit, transferring funds from your country of residence, assistance in opening bank accounts, assistance in solving housing and communal issues, legal support of any spheres of activity (the company employs a lawyer), assistance in choosing an educational institution (schools, universities, institutes).

Consulting group TUMEVLER is a part of the ALEKO holding. This holding owns furniture production, is engaged in the production of agricultural products, and owns an advertising company.

Each client interacting with the company always receives an individual and professional approach.

Consulting group TUMEVLER also has extensive experience in real estate management (solving all issues in the absence of the owner, short-term and long-term rent, renovation, furnishing, security of objects).

Legal support

TUMEVLER specialists have many years of experience in legal support of transactions and consulting in the field of real estate. The company employs a professional lawyer working in the field of English and Turkish law. Our main goal is to protect the interests of the real estate purchaser or investor. We always honestly and openly approach every issue that our clients turn to us.

The list of our services includes support on the following issues:

  • Purchase and sale of residential, commercial real estate in Sevres Cyprus and Turkey,

  • Legal registration of real estate transactions,

  • Management of real estate objects in the absence of the owner,

  • Market valuation of real estate,

  • Representation of interests in all authorities of Northern Cyprus and Turkey, including judicial authorities,

  • Repair, finishing and construction work of any complexity.

  • Consultation on the issues of starting a business and investment activities.

Profitable investment

Our real estate base is one of the largest in North Cyprus, so we can always offer you properties in accordance with your requirements.

Turnkey real estate

Consulting group TUMEVLER cooperates on exclusive terms with legal, insurance, financial, accounting companies as well as notary, which in turn allows for turnkey real estate transactions.

Our mission

The main mission of the group is a high-quality selection of an apartment or house, taking into account all the requirements of the future owner. Also, our mission is to help homeowners achieve the greatest benefit from renting out or managing it. We always protect our clients from unethical actions of third parties in real estate transactions, we always carefully check all the information with this or that object, we protect the interests of our buyers as much as possible.

Our goal

To minimize the material and moral costs of clients in the process of resolving issues with real estate and investments.