Current plans of the municipality of Lefkosia.

The Mayor of Lefkosia Mehmet Harmanji informed about the new project of reconstruction and improvement of public institutions. The public has been provided with preliminary information about the tender process and the finished project. "Together with DAÜ Kent-AG, we have completed our project of reconstruction and improvement of the terminal territory". Upon successful completion of this tender, all the conditions set out in the Lefkosia Development Plan will be met, and the new building, as well as mixed-use areas such as the hotel and AVM, will be designed. At the same time, the House of Culture and Arts (which is known to everyone as the theater house) will be completed as a priority during the implementation of the project. Now the last steps are left for a large-scale transformation, during which two parking lots behind the municipality will be turned into a square and a multi-storey parking lot.