Solar Energy Park in Cyprus

TRNC President Ersin Tatar said that as a result of negotiations with the UN, the EU and the Greek side, a decision was made to start the preliminary technical and economic construction of a 30/50 MW solar energy park in the buffer zone, which will be under the jurisdiction of both the Turkish part of Cyprus and the Greek part.
Tatar said: "We attach great importance to this cooperation, which will bring great benefits not only to the whole island, but also to our region in particular."
The goal of this project is to convert solar energy into electrical energy, store this energy in batteries and use it as needed.
Intermittent power outages in the regions continue to be a problem on both sides of the island. The fact that the biggest advantage of Cyprus is the endless solar energy, which translates into 320 sunny days a year, will change this situation and eliminate the electricity problem forever.