«Terracotta Army of Cyprus» in the UK

The Fitzwilliam Museum is holding an exhibition of terracotta figures discovered at Akdeniz (Agia Eirini), Northern Cyprus in 1929, according to a BBC report.
The figurines, titled The Terracotta Army of Cyprus, will be on display in the UK for the first time.
Agia Eirini or Agia Irini [Akdeniz] is a village located in Guzelyurt Bay, about 10 km north of Guzelyurt (Morphou).
In 1929, a Swedish-Cypriot expedition discovered over 2,000 votive figurines, including human figures, sphinxes and horse-drawn chariots, from the sanctuary of Agia Eirini, dated to the 7th century BC.
Some of these figurines will be part of an exhibition dedicated to the art and culture of Cyprus, Crete and Sardinia.