Renovating School Infrastructure

General Secretary of the Turkish Teachers Union of Cyprus Burak Mavis welcomed Education Minister Nazim Cavusoglu's promise that school buildings will be renovated and unsafe buildings demolished, Kibris Postasi reported.
Mavis said that there are 159 public schools in Northern Cyprus, as well as private schools, kindergartens, rehabilitation centers and universities. He said that Nazim Çavuşoğlu's decision to renovate the schools' infrastructure and demolish unsafe buildings is positive in terms of the safety of the buildings themselves.
Mavis stressed that the new school buildings should be in harmony with the environment, be of sufficient capacity and meet the design standards. He noted that school buildings in Yenibogazici, Yeni Erenköy, Dikmen, Degirmenlik and Karakum have visible problems. All schools must be seismic resistant buildings and meet all norms and standards of construction.