The military planted 16,200 trees this year

Within the Department of Forestry, 5,000 seedlings were planted on an area of 30 acres with the participation of members of the Security Forces, their children and families, and conscripts doing their patriotic duty.

The first trees were planted on January 7, 2023, as part of the landscaping plan, instead of the trees that burned down during the fire in the forest area in the Mersinlik/Iskele region in June 2022.

The landscaping of our island continues - another 5,000 trees were planted by military personnel last weekend. And now there are 10,000 new green spaces in the Mersinlik area.

A total of 16,200 trees have been planted this year in order to green our island and leave future generations with a livable environment.

The command of the Security Forces are the protectors of nature, so the landscaping of the island will be maintained at the same accelerated pace.