Gönyeli Natural Park - Pond.

Genyeli-Alayköy Mayor Hussein Amcaoglu said that he took office with a high percentage of votes and that they began to work hard to justify the trust of the people. Amcaoglu, who received the support and love of the citizens, explained that they want the Gönyeli-Alaiköy area to be a productive, working and vibrant city. Stating that they are preparing projects that will improve the quality of life in Gönyeli, Amcaoglu spoke about the construction of a new project Gönyeli Nature Park - Pond. Hussein Amcaoglu said: "The park project that we have specially prepared around the Genyeli pond will create an area in our city where adults and children can have a good time and enjoy the virgin nature without leaving the city." Stating that the walking and cycling paths are suitable for all age groups and are built with special attention to the needs of people with disabilities, Amcaoglu said: The Nature Park was designed with respect for the existing ecosystem and providing continuous support and protection. Amcaoglu said that we will create an area where we will serve not only the residents of Gönyeli, but also holidaymakers from all over the country, with bird watching houses, a promenade and walking paths, an observation deck, a cafeteria, a playground and a car park. He also noted, that now is the time for change in Genyeli.