Health is above all.

The Ministry of Health and the municipality of Gönyeli-Alaiköy signed a protocol to establish a medical center in Gönyeli and provide medical services every two weeks in the existing medical center in Alaiköy. The protocol was signed by the Minister of Health Gürçag Altugra and the mayor of the municipality of Genyeli-Alaiköy Hussein Amcaoglu. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Genyeli-Alaiköy Mayor Hussein Amcaoglu said that the protocol was signed with the aim of providing medical services to citizens. Noting that with the merger of the municipalities of Genyeli and Alaiköy after the reform of the municipalities, the boundaries of the municipality expanded and it served a rather large region, Amcaoglu said that in the previous period, some services were provided specifically for people over 65 years old, but they worked to expand the range of these services. Amcaoglu said: The Gönyeli Social Activity Center has a doctor's office and a separate room for examination and provision of medical services to persons over 65 years of age. Activation of this health center - at least 1 time in 15 days. Stating that the Gönyeli Social Activity Center has temporarily equipped a place to start providing medical services as soon as possible, Amcaoglu said that when the Healthy Lifestyle Center project is completed, better conditions and equipment will be provided for the provision of medical services.