The European Union is showing financial participation in the life of the northern part of the island.

The European Union has provided more than 700,000 euros for the centralized waste collection program for the municipalities of Lapta, Alsancak, Kyrenia and Chatalkoy, which will then be sent to the Gundor landfill for burial.
The municipality of Kyrenia applied for the project in April and will observe this scheme together with the Chamber of Craftsmen and the Association of Turkish Hotels of Cyprus.
In 2013 the Council of Ministers allocated for this project a "green area" with an area of ​​7 donums. Now that EU funding has been provided, the project should be completed within three years.
At the event at the Olive Tree Hotel in Chatalkoy, the Mayor of Kyrenia said that the project should improve the quality of the northern coast. He noted that it is shameful that such projects do not exist all over the country and that more attention should be paid to the utilization of solid waste.