Nicosia Municipal Orchestra on stage with Symphonic Film Music concert.

The Nicosia Municipality Orchestra (LBO), which continues its activities within the Turkish Municipality of Nicosia, this time welcomes music lovers in the capital of Nicosia with the "Symphonic Film Music" concert. With a Symphonic Film Music concert, LBO performed for the first time at the 18th Bellapais International Spring Music Festival in May under the direction of conductor Eray Inal and led by soloist Ezgi Akgürgen.

The Nicosia Municipality Orchestra, which presents musical works from films of American and Turkish cinema in its own interpretation on stage, is preparing to give music lovers a pleasant evening at the Rauf Denktash University Cultural Center (old cinema Mısırlızade) on Tuesday, July 4, at 20.30.

Concert tickets can be purchased online at

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