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Residential complexes in Northern Cyprus

Found 167 complexes in Northern Cyprus at a price from 150 £ to 3 500 000 £. Buy an apartment in a residential complex from a developer with finishing.

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Why choose Northern Cyprus?

Residence permit

Buying a house in Northern Cyprus, we will issue you a residence permit


Clean Mediterranean sea, air and sun 325 days a year

Low taxes

The tax is only 700 rubles per year
for 100 sq.m. M.


Laboratories and modern clinics of European level


English schools
and 25 universities.


The quality of life is at a high level in terms of security.

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Northern Cyprus is

Safety, warm climate, food and health of the whole family

  • Northern Cyprus is one of the safest places to live and do business.
  • Warm climate, clear sea and sun 330 days a year.
  • The owner of the property receives a residence permit for the whole family, which allows you to stay on the island for a year with the possibility of extension.
  • Free opening of foreign currency accounts in Turkish banks, Visa, Mastercard cards operating around the world. Strict observance of bank secrecy. No one will be interested in the origin of your money.
  • British education for your children. European-level schools.
  • Picturesque landscapes, diving, golf, recreation on equipped beaches.

Variety of residential complexes
for any request

  • Cozy apartments for living and recreation with full furniture and appliances.
  • Investment objects with a yield of 10%.
  • The opportunity to purchase real estate in installments without interest up to 6 years.
  • Profitable investment of money and income from rental.
  • Facilities with infrastructure: swimming pools, SPA, shops, restaurants, children's playgrounds, etc.
  • Visibility near schools, universities in the best areas of Northern Cyprus
  • Luxury real estate, luxury villas and penthouses with views of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Cheap studios for annual holidays


Real estate portal of Northern Cyprus No. 1

Real estate database

In one place, ads from owners and developers

Modern portal

User-friendly interface, 24/7 availability

Personal account

Convenient personal account for adding ads

We are recommended

Our users are our friends. We are always in touch and help with questions

  • Wide audience: The portal provides access to a huge audience of potential customers, which helps attract more buyers or tenants to your properties.
  • An effective source of advertising: our portal is in the TOP10 for the most popular queries related to real estate in Northern Cyprus, which allows you to attract potential customers.
  • Convenience and accessibility: owners and developers can manage their ads and control the process of selling or renting real estate online, which saves time and resources.
  • Analytics and reporting: Analytics tools are provided in your personal account that allow you to track the effectiveness of your ads.
  • Customer support: we have 24/7 customer support, we help owners and developers solve emerging issues and problems.
  • Global presence: our portal is designed for an international audience, which allows owners and developers to attract foreign investors and customers.
  • Online Platform: The portal provides an online platform that ensures 24/7 availability for posting and managing ads at any convenient time.
  • User-friendly interface: The intuitive interface allows users to easily create and edit ads without special technical skills.
  • Lots of photos and videos: the portal can support a large number of photos and even videos, allowing the owners of objects to present their real estate in Northern Cyprus as clearly as possible
  • Filters and search parameters: Technical filtering capabilities and search parameter settings help users to quickly find the desired objects.
  • Security and Data Protection: We ensure the protection of user data and provide a secure environment for transactions and information exchange.
  • Ad management: Users can easily create, edit and delete their ads for the sale, rental of real estate through their personal account.
  • Tracking ads: The personal account allows users to track the status and activity of their ads, including the number of views and messages from buyers.
  • Messages and feedback: Feedback tools are built into the personal account, which simplifies communication between sellers and buyers.
  • Save to favorites: Users can save objects of interest to them for later viewing and comparison.
  • Assessment and analysis: The personal account can provide tools for market analysis and real estate price assessment, which helps users make informed decisions.
  • Security and control: we ensure the security of users' personal data and provide them with control over the confidentiality of information in their personal account.
  • "Great portal! We found a buyer for an apartment in just a week. I recommend it!" - Anna
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  • "Thank you for the excellent customer support. Your specialists have always been in touch and ready to help." - Mehmet

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Feedback from our customers

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Michael Moscow

I reviewed dozens of options on Turkish sites, the realtor threw off some incomprehensible links. Nothing is clear, plus the language barrier.

Here in Russian, consultations are quick and clear. I have already picked up 2 studios for investment and are considering an option for life with my wife. Prosperity project - cool done!.

Olga Girne

Hello! I am a realtor myself, I use the site for the third time. I place objects without the help of a programmer - everything is clear and simple to me, nothing superfluous.

I even have my own personal account where I can view statistics and messages on applications. .

Alexander Berlin

I found an apartment while I was still in Europe. Excellent service in 3 languages - Turkish, English and Russian.

Naturally, I used Russian. Gorgeous functionality, an interesting selection of objects. I am glad that a high-quality service has finally come to Northern Cyprus!.

Andrey Kyiv

Thanks to this website, we bought an apartment and got a residence permit in Northern Cyprus. Found on the advice of friends.

We chose an apartment in the catalog, read all the description, looked at the photos. The manager consulted and agreed on viewing - the apartment turned out to be great! I strongly advise you to buy real estate here - all the objects are really high-quality and proven!.

Answering the questions

The issue of location and climate migration has become very relevant recently. Northern Cyprus, unlike other Mediterranean countries, compares favorably in many ways.

Here are some of them:

1. Climate. The sun is almost all year round, for example, when it rains on the coast of Turkey, it is sunny on the island. The average temperature in winter is 13-15 degrees Celsius. The sea air makes the climate mild without noticeable changes.

2. Ecology. There is not a single factory with emissions into the atmosphere in Northern Cyprus. There is no chemical production except for the production of water-based paints. An island surrounded by the sea acts as a filter. For the first time descending from the plane ramp, you will immediately understand how clean and fresh the air is here.

3. Food quality. High quality products manufactured in Turkey, European countries and the UK. There is excellent meat, very good dairy products, fruits and herbs, sweet watermelons and melons. A huge amount of citrus fruits and pomegranates.

4. A simple road. Plane to Istanbul, transfer 1.5-2 hours and in a little over an hour you will be in Northern Cyprus. Visa-free entry, stay as a tourist for up to 90 days.

5. Finance. It is very easy to pay for everything, open a bank account 1 working day - in Northern Cyprus, 4 currencies are accepted everywhere, Turkish lira, British pound, American dollar, Euro. Bank accounts are also in 4 default currencies. No one will ever ask you why you withdraw this or that amount from your account in cash. If the amount exceeds 10,000 dollars or pounds, you will need to notify your bank in advance that it has been prepared for you. Any grocery or other store will accept euros or dollars from you.

6. Good education. There are 25 international universities on the northern part of the island. Turkish and English schools are very high level. You can get a grant for education about the university.

7. Affordable prices. Prices both for apartments and in the store will pleasantly surprise you. In comparison with European countries, the cost for many positions is noticeably lower. Duty-free sale of alcohol at very affordable prices. Medicines of global pharmaceutical companies are 3-5 times lower in prices.

The first thing to note is that no one will ask you about the origin of the money. You can sign a contract of sale and transfer funds to the seller's account, or to your bank account, which can be opened in 1 business day. As a rule, the property is sold in British pounds sterling, but you can pay in euros and dollars in terms of the exchange rate.

To begin with, you make a deposit for the object you have chosen, as a rule, it is no more than $ 1,500. You can do this remotely, directly to the developer or through a proxy.

Then, based on the terms of the real estate purchase agreement, transfer the remaining funds. After payment, your transaction will be registered with the cadastral center, you need to pay the tax rate, and you are the happy owner of your new home. The procedure for obtaining a title (certificate of ownership) it is also not difficult, lawyers usually do this.

The cost of living of course depends on your requirements and wishes. For example, on food and small household expenses, you will spend $ 600 per month based on a family of three people.

Gasoline will cost $ 200-250, cafes, restaurants and ordering food will cost about $ 150. Rental housing from $ 450 per month. The quality of life is quite high due to three main parameters. The first is ecology and good products, the second is a reduced stress level, which directly depends on the good nature of those who will surround you. The third parameter is the lowest possible crime.

Easy! Many new construction projects offer installment payments, from 24 to 60 months, without charging any interest. At the same time, the value of the property you have chosen will not change in any way. As a rule, you make at the start from 30% of the payment, and then pay the balance according to a schedule convenient for you.

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