Northern Cyprus introduces continuous wastewater monitoring system

Bafra was chosen as the pilot region.

Director of the Department of Environmental Protection Abdulla Aktolgaly spoke about the implementation of the system. It is expected that thanks to the system, the department will be able to instantly control wastewater discharged into the sea. Investments in the project amounted to 1.5 million Turkish liras.

The head of the department explained that the main server and management mechanism of the continuous monitoring system for wastewater is established by the Department of Environmental Protection of the Ministry of Tourism and the Environment. Data will be transferred to this system instantly with the installation of cabins on the lines of all hotels with access to the sea and laid pipes for wastewater discharge.

In addition, 9 applications have already been received from the regions of Girne and Famagusta. Abdulla Aktolgaly stressed that the installation there has not yet been completed. The systems in these regions are expected to be installed by the end of August.

The director of the Department of Environmental Protection also noted that, in accordance with the current legislation, only hotels should be included in this system. At the next stage, it is planned to put into circulation all housing units located by the sea, which will also be connected to the system.

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