A new mobile digital X-ray machine at the Akcicek Hospital in Kyrenia.

A mobile digital X-ray machine worth 55 thousand dollars, purchased with the funds of Türkiye Iş Bankası, was solemnly delivered to the Akcicek Hospital in Kyrenia. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Health Izlem Gyurchag Altugra, the Director of Türkiye Iş Bankası Serhan Akshakhin and the chief physician of the Akcicek Hospital in Kyrenia, Dr. Beyhan Berova.

The chief physician of the hospital, Akchichek Berova, stated in her speech that the device is an important need of the hospital.

Serhan Akshakhin, Director of Türkiye Iş Bankası, noted that the bank has been serving Turkish Cypriots for 68 years, and that they were happy to provide the hospital with a digital mobile X-ray device that will provide high-quality medical care to the population.

Minister of Health Izlem Gyurchag Altugra thanked the leadership of Türkiye Iş Bankası for their constant contribution and support in various fields.

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