The victory of the young musician in Austria.

A student of the Faculty of Performing Arts at Bilkent University and a citizen of the TRNC, Efe Sagiroglulary won first place in a competition in Austria.

A 10th grade student of the Department of Percussion Instruments of the Faculty of Performing Arts of Bilkent University Efe Sagiroglulary won first place in the nomination "Percussion Instruments - 2023" at the International Competition "Internationales Halleiner Schlagzeugfestival mit Percussion Wettbewerb", which was held in Austria.

Young talents from Turkey, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia participated in this competition. The competition was judged by world-famous drummers such as: Thomas Grubinger, Antonio Ceravolo, Ivana Bilic and Ludwig Albert. Efe Sagiroglulary, who continues his musical education in Ankara, participated in the competition together with his teacher, Professor Aydin Mechid.

The sponsor of the Young Talent Contest Efe was a TRNC businessman and his company, who pay great attention to the art and support of young talents, but do not consider it necessary to disclose their name.

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