The traditional 8th Leymosunlular Picnic

The traditional 8th Leymosunlular Picnic, organized by the Leymosun Cultural Foundation with the support of the Municipality of Kyrenia, will take place at the Boaz picnic area on June 11th.

The traditional 8th picnic of the Leimosun people will include various entertainment events: music concerts by Grup Otantik and Cyprus Air, folk dances, a lottery and much more.

For all those who want to take part in the picnic, there will be a free shuttle bus from Kyrenia Baldoken to Boaz at 10:00 and 12:00 am, and from Boaz back to Kyrenia Baldoken at 17:00 and 18:00 pm.

Also, to book a minibus from Famagusta, you can call 90533 866 64 33 and 90533 866 42 32 to book a minibus from Guzelyurt.

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