Vintage and antique market in Kyrenia.

The Municipality of Kyrenia has announced that on Saturday, June 24, from 15:00 to 20:30, a "Vintage and Antiques Market" will be held at Ramadan Cemil Square in Kyrenia.

A written statement from the Municipality of Kyrenia states that the "Vintage and Antiques Market" will present a wide variety of objects forgotten over time, bearing traces of that time.

The market will sell and exhibit cultural and artistic values, various items and souvenirs, accessories, printed publications, tools and equipment, records, as well as collectibles will be presented to lovers of antiques.

The event will include a guitar/oboe concert performed by musicians Kagin Dostel and Hussein Altan, as well as a DJ Hass-e concert featuring English and Turkish hits from previous years.

Food and drink stalls will be open throughout the day.

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